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Our present urgency is to recover a sense of the PRIMACY of the UNIVERSE . . . and the EARTH . . . from which life has emerged and on which life depends. -- Thomas Berry

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We're a global community exploring an Evolving Universe as a foundational context and offering online professional development programs. Read our Mission Statement, Core Values and FAQs page under "About." Join in the conversation, and share your resources & events!

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  • We have been sailing through the summer days in India. Temperature varies from 45 degrees Celsius to 30
    degrees. It is the time of ripening and fruitfulness for us. Name a fruit and we have them these days, especially the heavenly mangoes.
    We were busy with summer Retreats and plantations. 15 Notre Dame Sisters joined us for six days and…[Read more]

    • Wonderful to hear this news Robert. I can just see and taste those heavenly mangoes based on your description. I wish I was there. Do you know about the International Jesuit Congress that’s about to take place in Cleveland Ohio. There’s an Evolving Universe track. A performance of the Emergent Universe Oratorio, showing of the movie Journey…[Read more]

  • If we want to create a community climate change culture we need to develop a different way of relating to Earth. We can gain some insights from indigenous cultures—a sense that we are one with nature. But most o […]

    • Fantastic Mike! Thanks. So look forward to reading this after the International Jesuit Congress, about to start. Several of us are in Cleveland, Ohio for the conference and giving programs.