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Ever since science began to reveal the broad outlines of an evolutionary universe that had a beginning, people have been grappling with how to understand this new picture and integrate it into our cultures. How does it shape our sense of identity? How do we create the future based on this radical new picture? Does this science based story fulfill in some way the place of mythic origin stories of the past? These are a few of the many questions being asked today.


In recent years, the number of people creating media and giving programs on these questions has increased substantially, and so has the number of resources. But there’s no single place that identifies them and makes them easily searchable and available. The Deep Time Journey Network is your place to find out who’s doing what, when and where. And it’s a place to identify the best resources for your needs. But more, this is a place for YOU to upload resources that you know about into a single global “filing cabinet” accessible to everyone. Why should each of be struggling to maintain files when it can be so much easier if we have a single shared filing system. Right! Each of us has a piece of the puzzle. In the Deep Time Journey Network, we can put them all together!


On this website you’ll find:


1. Profiles of those telling the Deep Time Story of the universe. Are you telling the story? Upload your profile too!


2. Stories about how this perspective is changing fields such as education, medicine, agriculture, and ecology. Have something to share? Upload your story.


3. Programs worldwide. Have a program specifically about a Deep Time perspective? Upload it on to the Deep Time Journey Network global calendar! (Must have an approved profile on the site.)


4. Resources for learning the comprehensive story and understanding its implications — videos, articles, books, quotes and more. This is the shared global filing cabinet. Why should each of us struggle to maintain our own individual filing systems (an impossible task these days) when we can have a single organized place for resources that we all can benefit from. Have resources to share? Upload them. We will all thank you! (Must have an approved profile on the site.)


5. Study groups. Want to start a study group? You can do it here. Check out the resources that are particularly good for study groups and then start a group!


We hope you will be as amazed as we are at the number of resources and things going on. We look forward to co-creating this site with you!



Jennifer Morgan
Founder, Deep Time Journey Network

[one_third]Learn how teachers are already using Deep Time Education as a foundation and connective framework for all subjects and for creating relationships with the Universe, Earth and human communities inside the larger context.[/one_third][one_third]If you’d like to suggest a program and presenter, please be sure to write to us at [email protected] [/one_third][one_third]Welcome to our first series of professional development programs in Deep Time Education.  Click here to find out more about our Seven Principles of Deep Time Education.  Our goal in this series is to learn about the different ways that Deep Time Education is being taught under different names and at different levels so we can all evolve together.  Programs are offered by people inspired by Maria Montessori, Thomas Bery Brian Swimme, David Christian, Lynn Margulis, Fritjof Capra and others.   Click here for more information about Montessori Cosmic Education.    These different different approaches can enrich all of us. [/one_third]