Board Members:


Gail Arnold, PhD*: Molecular biologist, Rutgers University; Secretary, DTJN

Cynthia Stokes Brown, PhD: Author; Big History: Between Nothing and Everything

Mary Conrow Coelho, PhD: Author, Awakening Universe

D’Neil Duffy: Montessori educator and Author, Children of the Universe

Michael Duffy: Montessori Educator and Author, Children of the Universe

Lowell Gustafson, PhD: Political Science Professor, Villanova University, PA

John Grim, PhD: Lecturer, Yale University; Producer, Journey of the Universe

Orla Hazra, PhD*: Religious Education Writer and Presenter

Ann Killeen: General Manager, Montessori Services

Jennifer Morgan*: Author, Universe Story Trilogy for children; President, DTJN

Gwen Shangle*: Director, Princeton Center for Teacher Education; Treasurer, DTNJ

Tracy Sullivan: Director, Australian History Museum, Education Program Leader, Big History Institute

Brian Tucker*: Systems Analyst, JEVS Human Services, Philadelphia, PA

Mary Evelyn Tucker, PhD: Thomas Berry Scholar; Writer and Producer, Journey of the Universe

Maureen Wild, SC, MEd: Communications Coordinator, Sisters of Earth

*Governing board members; others are advisory board members.


Bowe Frankema and Marion Gooding