Course FAQs


Question:  How do I find my courses after I’ve purchased them?

Answer:  All courses you’ve registered for are accessible on your personal Course Page.  To go to your personal Courses Page:

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on it.
  3. Click on “Courses” from the list under your name.
  4. You can find a course you’ve purchased under Active or Completed Courses.  They will stay there for as long as you keep them.

Video Tutorial: How to Access Courses After Registration.

Question:  What does each program/course offer?

Answer:  The free lecture titled “The Deep Time Framework: A Foundation for Education” offers one PD hour for watching the recorded webcast.   The other PD programs in 2016 include: a recorded webcast, a Live Q&A, and a forum discussion over five days with the presenter(s).  To get a certificate, see the question below.


Question:  How do I get a certificate for a course?

Answer:  To get a certificate for a course, you will answer some questions that are meant to help further integrate the professional development experience.  The questions are not a test.  (Unfortunately the program currently uses the word “Quiz” which we hope to change soon.)  To answer the questions:

  1. Go to your personal Courses Page.
  2. Select the specific course and scroll to the bottom of the course description.
  3. Under “Lessons” click on the title of the course which will bring you to the questions.
  4. Answer the questions and submit them.
  5. The presenter will review and “Complete” the course.
  6. You can then view your certificate on the course description page and print it.


Question:  How long will I be able to view the recorded webcast?

Answer:  Once you’ve purchased a program/course you will have it on your course page until you decide to delete it.  The Live Q&A will also be recorded and made available along with the lecture.  The forum discussion will also remain on the Course Description page as well so you’ll have access to all three for as long as you keep a particular course on your course page.  You may delete a particular course any time you like.


Question:  How do I participate in a course forum discussion?

Answer: Once you’ve registered for a program/course, you may participate in the forum discussion associated with that program/course.   Go to your personal course page (see above) and click on the particular course.  In the right column, click on “Course Discussion.”  You set your email preferences and create a new topic, and join topics started by others.