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Date: 05/05/2017
Time: All Day
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Earth,Southern and Northern Hemisphere, wherever you are, , Australia


The auspicious and holy transition Moment halfway between Equinox and Solstice was 5th May 7:28 UT
Thomas Berry perceived the seasonal transitons as “moments of grace”; thus I name them as Seasonal Moments.
In the Southern Hemisphere of our Planet – where I am
the dark part of the day continues to grow, the days are getting colder, the leaves turn and fall 
we may celebrate 
Samhain/Deep Autumn
 contemplating the passing of the old and conceiving the new … the many transformations of self, other and all.
In the Northern Hemisphere of our Planet
the light part of the day continues to grow, the days are getting warmer, the flowers appear and the green gets stronger
we may celebrate 
Beltaine/High Spring
contemplating allurement, sweet desire for life, that which holds all things in form and allows the dance of life.
… joining with Her Creativity to nourish essential being, strengthen the deep self – it seems so needed
– For more on Samhain/Beltaine – story, videos, meditations, and blogs
deep blissings to you

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