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    Noha Tarek

    Hi everyone 🙂

    I’m truly honored Di that you find our friendship valuable in both our lives ♥ And by the way, I also have the same problem of trying to write down every specific point I want to discuss & mention, but then I gave up too, because I found that this will make me write very long long long posts, so now I keep up with just short & few comments – as much as I can :-p

    I agree with both of you that countering intolerance is a need that is accelerating every day, with the horrible events that we are happening. But I think this is a health recovery sign of humanity finally finding its emancipative end-purpose. As communication links between humans across the globe have intensified & spread, our differences are exposed more & more to each – so we’re finally coming boldly to face our decision as to how we should live our imminent state of a “global village”…

    I was actually confused when reading Heikki’s account of Tzvetan’s praxiological axis, because he only talked about two options, whether the self is distancing itself (is indifferent) toward the other, or the self has rapprochement with the other – but doesn’t mention the option of the self approaching the other with conflict. But indeed, as Heikki says, this rapprochement would be co-constitutive; each identity/self would transform the other… I look at it also from the perspective of Hegel’s dialectical relationship that progresses history forward (a thesis interacting with an antithesis to co-produce/transform into a synthesis)… An identity of a being is not a constant thing (perhaps our bodies are constant for a certain period of time, but our minds/identities/consciousness are certainly not), my identity is an endless cycle of transformation with other identities I encounter with, every moment that passes, each of our identities co-transform with each other as we exchange words, ideas, experiences, even simple gestures, in endless overlapping circles of interaction –> transformation… for ex., when I touch a cat & pat her/him, both of our identities co-transform – of course, the level of identity transformation is different with the difference in our levels of consciousness (though, not to say that “I” have a “higher” consciousness & the “cat” has a “lower” consciousness, ’cause we don’t want to fall into the axiological self/other conflict of some being being “higher” than the other; but rather just to say that we have different holarchic levels)… how is that: when I pat the cat, my emotion of affection for the weaker/smaller, of “care”, is intensified & emphasized, & my awareness of another being’s possible actions & reactions increases. While on the part of the cat, as I show affection to her, her awareness of the action of “care” practiced by another being increases, & her intimacy with other beings increases as well, & hence, my own affectionate action increases with her responding reaction… & so we both c-transform with one act of patting…

    And I think perhaps this is how history progresses, in a constant overlapping transformations of beings/identities… the question is whether these synthetic transformations will bring about a harmonious unity in the end of history, or conflicting interactions will conquer & destroy?!!

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    Britt Hawthorne

    I’m here and listening. I am enjoying this conversation and will add my thoughts soon, I am still processing the big question.

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    Jennifer Morgan

    Terrific Britt!!

    By way of introduction to everyone else in this conversation, Britt is collaborating with a number of other Montessori teachers and they are doing fantastic anti-bias work. Very powerful. Going deeper. Britt, can you share more information about the conference that’s coming up in June? Thanks so much for what you’re doing.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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