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Clare Pierson

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West Coast

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New Zealand

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We are all One in this work and to be connected with this site and members of it is inspirational for me. I will always remember the time I spent in a week long workshop with Joanna and the other participants. Although that was in 2010 it is still vivid in my mind. Having a deep time perspective gives me hope and energises me in everything I am and do.

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I facilitate two spirituality groups in two different towns and every aspect of our reflections comes from a deep time perspective. In my work as a psychologist, it is within the deep time context that I understand the various nested contexts of each person, couple, family and group with whom I work.

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From early childhood I have had a felt sense of being one with nature – I thought I was a Pantheist, but in adolescence discovered the word Panentheism. From age 16, when I read Le Milieu Dvin written by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and I found words to express more fully what I have experienced I have become more and more consciously aware of the connectedness of all beings, the place of the human in the universe and the way we need to live constructively in Earth.

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Art, Agriculture, Education, Government/Law, Religion/Spirituality, Ecology, Social Justice

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