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Denise Tangney

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Steering Committee Chair of Outreach


The Guild for Spiritual Guidance


Long Beach


New York

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United States

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What do you (or organization) hope for in connection with a deep time perspective?

In this time of social, scientific, and spiritual evolution it is necessary that like minded individuals have the opportunity to share their passions and expertise.
Deep Time is more than a forum for information. It is an organic/technological tool that is participating in the evolutionary push to a new paradigm.
The Guild for Spiritual Guidance is a contemplative organization/organism whose interest lies in developing this new way of thinking within its membership. We train those who wish to midwife others during this time of personal, religious, social shifts in consciousness.
Our four strands surround the thoughts of Teilhard de Chardin, Carl Jung, the Mystics, Community.
Its 40 yr. old origins began with such visionary luminaries as Henri Nouwen, Morton Kelsey, Polly Weily, Nan Merrill and others.
I hope to learn from the members of Deep Time. Learn so that I can share. Experience their courage and develop the humility to be present to Presence as we collectively participate in the evolutionary process.

Short description of your (or organization's) current interest/work in an deep time perspective:

The Guild for Spiritual Guidance is preparing an interactive workshop to proliferate the thoughts of Teilhard de Chardin. With collaboration from Forum 21, a UN based organization, we hope to share his vision within the interfaith community.

What are you (or organization) looking for from the Network?

We are looking to increase our visibility. The Guild does important work and would like to expand our presence with like minded people and organizations.
The rapid pace of evolutionary shift demands that organizations and people be ready to lean on each other or collapse. We want to serve and be served in Love.

What do you (or organization) bring to the Network?

We have a membership of over 400 from Canada to Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and California. Why not link organizations to our web page to share articles, events, etc.?

Our experts in the fields of Teilhard, Mysticism, and Carl Jung, and Spiritual Direction are creative and dynamic. Many of our events are open to the public and we love to share!

Year became interested in a deep time evolutionary perspective:


Originally inspired to do this work by:

Francis of Assisi, Teilhard, Dun Scotus, Ewert Cousins are among my foundational mentors.

Also inspired to do this work by:

The Fraternity of Secular Franciscans,
The Guild for Spiritual Guidance
Evolutionary Spirituality
Spirituality and Science

Call this work:

Universe Story/New Story/Journey of the Universe, Cosmic Evolution, Montessori Cosmic Education

Organizations involved with that have a Deep Time evolutionary perspective:

Science,Spirit and World Change
One Voice Founders
Forum 21

Applying a Deep Time evolutionary perspective to what fields/issues:

Art, Education, Government/Law, Religion/Spirituality, Ecology, Social Justice

Are you a teacher/professor?


Offer programs with a deep time evolutionary perspective:


If Yes, Programs Offered With a Deep Time Evolutionary Perspective:

Teacher Training Programs, Programs in Schools and Colleges, Workshops/Seminars, Retreats

Other kinds of programs:


Educational Products/Services:


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Th.D (candidate)

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