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Jennifer Morgan

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Deep Time Journey Network




New Jersey

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United States

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1) To know, love and evolve the Universe. 2) To connect people across the globe who are orienting to an evolving universe as a primary context. 3) To “read” the universe and earth for guidance in how to address the huge problems we face. 4) To help make distinctions, and foster understanding, about the many different ways that people and groups approach a grand narrative of the Universe.

Short description of your (or organization's) current interest/work in an deep time perspective:

My primary focus right now is developing the Deep Time Journey Network as a place where people and organizations that are orienting to an evolving universe can find and support each other. Each of us only knows a piece of what’s happening. What if we put the pieces together using social networking technology? For fifteen years, I’ve worked with numerous groups and found that groups don’t know about the great work that others are doing. My work right now as president and founder of the Deep Time Journey Network, is to work with others to develop the Network into a global community. There’s so much great work that’s already been done. As Teilhard talked about the merging of meridian lines, my work right now is to foster convergence among people around the world while being careful to make distinctions and help foster an understanding of different points of view.

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Jennifer Morgan is an award-winning author, educator, lecturer, master storyteller and retreat leader inspired by the work of Maria Montessori,Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grimm, Ilya Prigogine, and others. Her programs cover the Epic of Evolution Story, the emerging role of the human, and the necessity of reinventing the human and human institutions inside of the flow of cosmic evolution in order to address the pressing issues of today. Ms. Morgan’s books and programs are scientifically based and nourished by the wisdom traditions. Her books – Born With a Bang (Winner of Learning Magazine’s Teachers Choice Award), From Lava to Life, and Mammals Who Morph – are used in classrooms around the world and have been endorsed by Jane Goodall, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman, astromaut Edgar Mitchell, Neil de Grasse Tyson (Director, Rose Center, AMNH), and numerous others. For over ten years Ms. Morgan has been giving programs throughout the US and other countries for students of all ages from elementary to college age; professional development for teachers; and leading retreats. Before that, she was director of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey and served on the national Organic Trade Association board. Ms. Morgan has a B.A. in Theology, University of San Francisco, and an M.B.A., Rutgers University. For more information about books and programs go You may email Ms. Morgan at [email protected]​ Jennifer’s work flows out of her love of the natural world and cosmology. As former director of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey, she started local and national programs for farmers and consumers. In 1997, she took the Earth Literacy program in cosmology and evolution at Genesis Farm, Blairstown, NJ. It so inspired her that she went on to take classes in cosmology and evolution at Princeton University. In sharing what she learned with her six year old son, she discovered that children are intensely interested in the story of the universe. He wanted to know more and more, even the texture of the edge of the Universe. Jennifer consulted with numerous physicists, biologists and anthropologists regarding science concepts and, over time, bedtime conversations with her son turned into books. “Science is handing us an origin story,” she says, “and we’ve only barely begun to understand its mythic dimensions.” She believes that cosmology stories profoundly shape our relationships, work, play, culture, and institutions. For more information go to For a list of places where Jennifer has presented, go to For a list of endorsements of her books go to

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Originally inspired to do this work by:

My grandmother Barbara Morgan (photographer), Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Miriam MacGillis, Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim

Also inspired to do this work by:

David Christian, Ken Wilbur, Cynthia Brown

Call this work:

Big History, Universe Story/New Story/Journey of the Universe, Cosmic Evolution, Montessori Cosmic Education

Organizations involved with that have a Deep Time evolutionary perspective:

Sisters of Earth, International Big History Association, American Teilhard Association, International Big History Association

Applying a Deep Time evolutionary perspective to what fields/issues:

Art, Agriculture, Education, Religion/Spirituality, Ecology

Favorite Quote Having to do With a Deep Time Evolutionary Perspective:

“We are a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.” (Thomas Berry)

Offer programs with a deep time evolutionary perspective:


If Yes, Programs Offered With a Deep Time Evolutionary Perspective:

Teacher Training Programs, Programs in Schools and Colleges, Workshops/Seminars, Retreats

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Published Books/Movies/Other With a Deep Time Evolutionary Perspective:

Born With a Bang From Lava to Life Mammals Who Morph

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Educator, Teacher Trainer, Storyteller, Author of Universe Story Trilogy, and Founder of DTJNetwork.

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