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  • Jennifer Morgan posted an update 4 months ago

    Dear Deep Time Friends,

    During a recent visit to the Princeton Junior School, I had a conversation with students in the elementary class. Kai Furniss, a nine-year old, shared a project he was working on. Here’s how the conversation went:

    KAI: I’m exploring how knowledge of the cosmos impacts life on Earth. And I mean ALL life on Earth, not just humans.
    JENNIFER: What difference to YOU think it makes?
    KAI: It makes us more respectful of the beauty and complexity of everything.

    WOW! He really said it . . . what this work is all about . . . seeing the whole and the story and experiencing awe, wonder, and respect for everything as a ground for unleashing the energy we need to go forward into the future inside what Thomas Berry called a functional cosmology. Do you see your work in this light? How do you see it? Is it a functional cosmology for you? Go to the DTJN Facebook page to see a post about this visit:

    — Jennifer Morgan, President, DTJN