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Margaret Venema

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Stepping Stones Montessori School


Grand Rapids



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United States

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What do you (or organization) hope for in connection with a deep time perspective?

I hope to find resources to further my understanding and better my teaching.

Short description of your (or organization's) current interest/work in an deep time perspective:

As a Montessori school, we are dedicating to sharing the Great Lessons with children and their families. Helping children to find their cosmic tasks and to further their understanding of their roles as stewards as of our planet is vital to our future.

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I came to Montessori as a parent and, although my daughter graduated, I never left. I took the elementary I & II training from the College of St. Catherine. I earned my Master’s degree in 2008. I’ve worked in both levels. I find the Great Lessons inspiring and am always trying to improve my storytelling and understanding.

What are you (or organization) looking for from the Network?

I’m always looking to further my understanding and for inspiration so that I might be more inspiring to my students.

What do you (or organization) bring to the Network?

I have a love and enthusiasm for the Great Lessons and sharing them with children.

Year became interested in a deep time evolutionary perspective:


Originally inspired to do this work by:

Maria Montessori, Teilhard de Chardin, Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry

Also inspired to do this work by:

Michael Dorer

Call this work:

Montessori Cosmic Education

Organizations involved with that have a Deep Time evolutionary perspective:

The Big History Association

Applying a Deep Time evolutionary perspective to what fields/issues:

Art, Education, Ecology, Social Justice

Favorite Quote Having to do With a Deep Time Evolutionary Perspective:

“…every atom of the carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and other elements which make up our bodies was forged in the hearts of stars that died before the sun was born. … The sun’s energy, stored by plants, keeps us alive moment by moment, heartbeat by heartbeat, thought by thought. Our bodies are stardust; our lives are sunlight.” – Oliver Morton, from his book, Eating the Sun: How Plants Power the Planet

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If yes, what institution?

Stepping Stones Montessori School

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Programs in Schools and Colleges

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Lower elementary Montessori directress