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Integrating the mystical tradition and experience with the evolutionary universe.

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Mary Conrow Coelho worked as a young woman in a research physiology laboratory and as a high school biology teacher. Impelled by spiritual experience, she left the world of science in her 30’s to study theology; she earned an MDiv degree at Union Theological Seminary and a PhD in Historical Theology at Fordham University. She has written several articles on the contemplative life and edited the book Writings in Spiritual Direction by the Great Christina Masters. Upon being introduced in the early 1990’s to the remarkable changes in our “way of seeing” coming out of the last 100 years of scientific research, she wrote Awakening Universe, Emerging Personhood: The Power of Contemplation in an Evolving Universe (Wyndham Hall Press, 2002) She has co-led several workshops at the Gathering, one recent one on “The Depth of Our Belonging.” She is the coordinator of the New Story Group at Cambridge Friends Meeting, active in Quaker Earthcare Witness and a member of the board of the American Teilhard Association. She is a watercolor painter who also makes accordion books about the new cosmology.

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Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry

Also inspired to do this work by:

Ewert Cousins, Eric Jantsch, David Ray Griffin (as a Process Theologian), Philip Clayton

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“Everything has its roots in the unseen world.” (Rumi)

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If Yes, Programs Offered With a Deep Time Evolutionary Perspective:

Reflections on the western mystical tradition and the New Story.

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