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Orla Hazra

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Research Associate


Department of Interreligious Studies, St Xaviers College, Mumbai





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What do you (or organization) hope for in connection with a deep time perspective?

To foster a two sided process of education
a) understanding our bound ‘re-ligare’ unitive deep time bio/psycho/social/spiritual body/self history through the four-fold wisdom conversation and
b) the implications/applications of that understanding for other ways of living together that are soical just, ecologically sustainabile and spiritually fulfilling.

Short description of your (or organization's) current interest/work in an deep time perspective:

My current work is with various institutions in India, Ireland and USA fostering an evolutionary perspective using this two sided model of religious education. It is ‘religious’ education because the intent is to foster the understanding of being bound ‘religare’ and what that means in relation to social justice, ecological sustainability and spiritual fulfillment. My particular focus now is to encourage a renewal of the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP) in the context of an evolutionary universe with Jesuit institutions.

Background: Your bio if an individual, or description if an organization (Let us know who you are!):

The current focus of my efforts has been shaped by my autobiography.. My focus is to work with people to heal their bio/psycho/social/spiritual split- to heal a split cosmology-our ‘secular’ Cartesian cosmology. To do this I place together four wisdoms: the wisdoms of science, religion, indigenous peoples and women. I came to this vocation from my own journey of being split. I wondered how I had become so split off from my body, aspects of myself, others Earth and Cosmos and intuited it was far beyond the usual answers provided by the fields of psychology/psychiatry and my profession at the time as an addictions counselor. In 2001 I returned to school for a masters in spirituality and spiritual direction. I continued exploring somatic and narrative ways of knowing (I called it sonar) for my phd dissertation. I placed in conversation the wisdoms of science, women, religion and indigenous peoples tracing patterns of body/self/planet/cosmos alienation, awakening and connection through narratives. That narrative (alienation, awakening, connection) is the narrative of ‘conversion’, metanoia, awakening described and fundamental to all religious traditions around Earth. Cosmology is inherited by children in four universal forms : family, school, work and recreation. A split (secular) cosmology is what we have operational increasingly around the globe with disastrous consequences for humans and their bioregions. A cosmology of being bound (re-ligare) together reveals itself more palpably with the wisdom of many indigenous peoples of Earth and our Deep Time Journey – the wisdom of science.

What are you (or organization) looking for from the Network?

to meet others who are living and practicing life from a deep time journey perspective in the hopes of fostering new ways of being together across Earth.

What do you (or organization) bring to the Network?

Addressing current understandings of ‘religious education’ and suggesting other ways of thinking of education that are much broader and deeper than ‘pedagogy’. Pegagogy is a process which is limited to school classrooms
-the Cosmology/Education issue (ie what we are doing now culturally based on dysfunctional cosmology in our families, schools work and recreation.
-how the dysfunctional cosmology is healed through the fourfold wisdom conversation in schools but also in families, work and recreation settings.
Because of ties in USA, Ireland and India I have links in various agencies which can be further broadened in collaboration with others in the Deep Time Journey Network.

Year became interested in a deep time evolutionary perspective:

My initial exposure was in 1989 while attending a series of lectures on the work of Teilhard de Chardin. However, I was still caught within a bio/psych/social/spiritual split. In 2001 I began an academic search to question why I had become "split". Ecofeminist literature in theology brought me to the deep time evolutionary perspective somatically. In 2003 I began my PhD work in religion and religious education focusing on somatic and narrative ways of knowing (I named it "sonar") where I put the fourfold wisdom conversation through the two sided lens of religious education.developed by Gabriel Moran.

Originally inspired to do this work by:

Sallie Mcfague, Thomas Berry, Rosemary Radford Reuther, Gregory Bateson

Also inspired to do this work by:

Gabriel Moran, George Tink Tinker, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Brian Swimme

Call this work:

Big History, Journey of the Universe, New Cosmology, Story of the Universe, Other

If you call it something else, what do you call it?

Sonar (abridged algamation of the words "somatic narrative")

Organizations involved with that have a Deep Time evolutionary perspective:

Pachamama Alliance,, Sisters of Earth, Tarumitra (Eco-Literacy Centre, Patna, India), Xavier Institute of Social Research (Mumbai, India),, An Tairseach (Eco-Literacy Centre Ireland),, International Big History Association,, Spiritual Directors International, www., Earth Charter International,, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology,

Applying a Deep Time evolutionary perspective to what fields/issues:

Education, Law, Religion/Spirituality, Ecology, Social Justice

Favorite Quote Having to do With a Deep Time Evolutionary Perspective:

Re-Connecting with the Earth- with the whole Earth is the single greatest challenge now facing us as a human species. Nothing short of such a new planetary amalgamation will guarantee the meeting of our deepest needs and the realization of our true desires. Then we can re-learn what it means to be human. Then we can begin to come home to where we truly belong” Diarmuid O’Murchu Transformation of Desire: How Deisre Became Corrupted- and How We Can Reclaim It 2007

Offer programs with a deep time evolutionary perspective:


If Yes, Programs Offered With a Deep Time Evolutionary Perspective:

Sample programmes have been lectures, seminars and retreats regarding Body Image and Self Esteem in an Evolutionary Universe, Pedagogy in an Evolutionary Universe, Corporate Social Responsibility in an Evolutionary Universe

Published Books/Movies/Other With a Deep Time Evolutionary Perspective:

my dissertation, my articles

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