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Philip Snow Gang

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Academic Dean, M.Eds Integrative Learning and Montessori Integrative Learnng


The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) at Endicott College





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United States

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To share our story with like-minded individuals.

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The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) hosts two graduate programs through Endicott College in Beverley, Massachusetts. Started in 1996 our all on-line programs lead to an M.Ed in Integrative Learning or an M.Ed. in Montessori Integrative Learning.

From the outset we have created an eco-cosmological context that frames all student explorations. Learning takes place in a non-adversarial environment where faculty and students work together to establish a community of learners. Primary to this process is the practice of Dialogue as advocated by Davis Bohm and J. Krishnamurti. Some of the other authors explored are Thomas Berry, John Briggs, Fritjof Capra, Henryk Skolomowski, Brian Swimme, Francesco Varela, Meg Wheately.

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Written by Shelley Richardson, Toronto, Canada

Philip Snow Gang, Ph. D. and Marsha Snow Morgan M. Ed., passionate educators and Montessori innovators, offer avenues of hope, inspiration and profound insight for these emerging times in their work with an international community of students and audiences. Their driving question is:

What form of education might liberate children from age-old prejudices so that they become the creators of a ‘new human’ — one whose relationship with the human an

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Forty years of working with these ideas with children and adults.

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Self-Exploration, Tiehard de Chardin, followed by Maria Montessori

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Universe Story/New Story/Journey of the Universe, Cosmic Evolution, Montessori Cosmic Education

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Endicott College

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M.Ed Montessori Integrative Learning
M.Ed Integrative Learning

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Our Planet, Our Home (A mobile mind-map to explore relationships on Earth and in Cosmos)

At Home in the Cosmos (Work in progress; an organization of significant context-setting events, or origins, that shape the human presence. Four epochs of evolution are introduced through sequenced narratives and photographs or graphic images that depict these emergences through time: The Epoch of the First Nine Billion Years; The Epoch of the Formation of our Solar System and Earth; The Epoch of Life, and The Epoch of Humanity. A fifth narration, presented first, is an index (“home page”) to these four as it highlights emergences from each of the four epochs above.)

Rethinking Education, 1987
Comscious Education, 1992

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