Cosmos & Gaia: Education & Emergence of a New Human


with Philip Snow Gang, PhD
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with Philip Snow Gang, PhD
Levels: All
CPD Hours: 2
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The video presentation in this program is a result of Phil Gang’s lifetime work in education, and in particular, the 20 years of collaboration with Marsha Snow Morgan, his colleague and wife. It is about ecogenesis and cosmogenesis; it is your story; it is our story.  it is a response to Thomas Berry’s call for a New Earth community as well as Maria Montessori’s evolution of the new human.  It is a response to the overarching question:

What contexts and processes in education might liberate teachers and learners so that they become catalysts for a “new human” — one whose integral relationship with Gaia is bound by right-action and love?

In 1929 when astronomer Edwin Hubble analysed data from a 100 inch telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory he realised/discovered that the Universe was much larger than the Milky Way and, in fact, consisted of great numbers of galaxies-–all moving away from a common center. Thus, the notion of a time developmental context for the evolution of the universe moved from thought to reality.

We now know that complexification and diversification flared forth in the beginning, some 13.8 billion years ago. It was not only a tangible reality that came forth, but also an intrinsic dance between material (things) and form (patterns of relationship). This dance of content and process permeates our human awareness in the way we live our lives and create learning opportunities for others.

Gang’s presentation explores two emergent pillars of education: Cosmos and Gaia. He sites the origin of these contexts in Montessori’s writings  between 1936 and 1952 and notes that these roots are revelatory for both the content and process in education. He will explore the following questions:

  •   What can we learn about ourselves through an understanding of the natural cycles that ripple through Cosmos and Gaia?
  •   What are the characteristics/attributes that education might embrace to plant seeds for the rise of eco-sapiens?
  •   What is the nature of transformation?

You will take away…an understanding of right action with love follows from engaging these concepts and processes.

Why Philip thinks Deep Time Education is important: Macrophase wisdom is catalysed by an embodied sense of knowing who we are and where we came from. Understanding Deep Time as macro-contextural awareness, might endow humans with an evolving spiritual connection to an eco-cosmological perspective – one where there is no disconnect between self and other.

Bio: Philip Snow Gang, Ph.D., Academic Dean of The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) M. Ed. Programs at Endicott College in Integrative Learning and Montessori Integrative Learning, is a pioneer in the field of integrative, systemic and transformative approaches to education. He is the author of Rethinking Education, co-author of Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom, appears in DeCarlo’s anthology, Towards a New World View: Conversations at the Leading Edge and is creator of the ecological mobile map material, Our Planet, Our Home. His recent article, Cosmos, Gaia and Eros: Integrative Learning, Creativity and the Primal Paradox, was published in the May 2015 issue of About Place Journal.

In 1990 he helped organize the Global Alliance for Transforming Education (GATE) – an alliance of educational leaders from around the world. In response to what he learned as its Executive Director, Gang developed the TIES’ graduate education programs. The TIES graduate program, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, has served over 400 students in more than 40 countries. His life-long cosmic calling/great work is a driven by the question:

What form of education might liberate children and adults from long-held assumptions and prejudices so that they become creators of Ecosapiens — one whose integral relationship with the human and non-human world is bound in a systemic web of relationship?


Comments about the movie!

So much of what you say has been part of my consciousness through the time I have known you and Marsha.  The stories are all real, and so vivid.  This video serves as a model for education yes, but also as a beautiful pictograph of a memoir of your own work.  There are many deep resonances for me personally, as I am sure everyone who watches it will agree – it is really well done.

Steven Arnold
Auckland, New Zealand

I am deeply moved by what you are trying to do. You really are moving in such a good way, Philip. What you are offering is necessary for our children and children’s children. And, for us.

Kelley McGannon
Washington D.C.

You have encapsulated so much and done it so well… unbelievably well. I don’t wish to gloss over any particular section but to provide the sunlight needed to allow this rose to unfold would take an incredible amount of time. At this moment all that seems superfluous. Sufficeth to say this is an epic document.

John Fowler
Colorado, USA

I came away with a new understanding of deep time learning and a better understanding of my own story. Watching was profound.

Tamara Castleman
Ohio, USA

I am so inspired by this video!  You did a wonderful job.  It’s always helpful to me to hear you tell the whole story – the whole – that you have developed over your lifetime.  The way you have presented your own story next to the Gaia story makes it very clear.

Kathryn Ross
Colorado, USA

I came to the presentation with a lot of chaos inside of me. I left there last night with love and peace. Somehow you have this gift of bringing into my life that ‘something which is bigger than I’. You have this ability to show me that life is big(ger), broad(er) and way beyond the ‘I’.

I came away with the feeling of being connected to everything!

I came away ‘knowing’ rather than ‘filled with knowledge’.

Shubha Narayan
Christchurch, New Zealand

I will use this video as a framework. It gives me a path to move forward with my learning and help me to apply it to the teaching. anything that I do in teaching that doesn’t serve to honor/answer your driving questions isn’t worth doing.

Janice O’Conner
Massachusetts, USA

Your film was a beautiful compilation of your and Marsha’s life work, with a humble and peaceful backdrop, a place where you felt so connected; you connected us into your story, your journey. I left feeling wowed by the depth and insight of what you offered us. I know that your ideas have planted many seeds in my mind and know that they will grow.

Letitia Neill
Oxford, New Zealand

Ka kite ano

Congratulations. This is superb. A person can move from perverse wrong-headedness to Ecozoic enlightenment simply by sitting down and taking in the full vision that you present here. Of course to do so would require an amazing ability on the part of the learner. But we all have that ability. So I will continue to hope that it happens with anyone fortunate enough to find his or her way to your film.

I am so glad to hear that you have it on the Deeptime Network. That’s the perfect place for its launch. May it reach many millions all around our tiny imperilled planet.

Sending every good wish for you and gratitude for your work for our world,

Brian Swimme

This is an incredible piece of work, old friend.

While watching, I felt myself cracking open to new levels of awareness about the meaning of my own journey, and the meaning of all human journeys. What a gift! I can’t wait to hear how I might begin to share this beautiful meditation with the people I know and care about.

You could not have put together a more heartfelt tribute to your and Marsha’s partnership. I am so happy and grateful that I knew you both back when. It occurs to me that in some way this is Marsha’s last gift to the world. I have no doubt that there is a corner of her consciousness that still is in touch and knows what you have done here. It was like watching a whole lifetime of development, thought, learning and deep knowing flowing out from you. I don’t remember when I have ever seen anything so exquisitely done.

Terry, O’Keefe
Ashville, Tennessee