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Receiving ashes on the forehead the day Lent begins is a ritual Catholics (and some others) wouldn't miss. It began long before we knew the universe story. This ritual "embeds" it in that cosmic story, reminding participants that we are united because we are all from stardust.
  • Creators: Terri Mackenzie, SHCJ
  • Used by people who call the work: New Cosmology, Story of the Universe
  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Religion/Spirituality
  • Learning Stages: Lifelong
  • Types: Ritual
  • Keywords: ash wednesday, stardust, ritual,
  • Why I love this Resource: I love it because it take a traditional religious ritual and places it in a cosmic context.
  • Link to Resource: ash-wednesday-2018-stardust-ritual
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  • Person/organization that added resource: Terri MacKenzie
  • Date Added: January 30, 2018

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