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With the creation of Earth Day in the middle of the last century most environmental groups adopted the concept of Environmental Stewardship. It became their mission and purpose and we are indebted to them. But today we are much more aware that we are living in a climate changing world. With its irreversible transformations it is changing everything including our understanding of our relationship with Earth. This article describes how this new understanding requires us to move beyond stewardship to embrace a more comprehensive and beneficial approach.
  • Creators: Mike Bell
  • Used by people who call the work: New Cosmology
  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Other (Environmental Stewardship)
  • Types: Article
  • Keywords: Environmental Stewardship, Climate Change
  • Why I love this Resource: It helps us re-think Stewardship in liht of our our new relationship with Earth
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  • Date Added: August 7, 2017

One response to “Beyond Stewardship”

  1. Thank you Mike for posting this. I appreciate your play on words…made possible through an integral framework and understanding of being in a bound relationship…no divorce or squiggling out of it.
    I also have not found the term “Stewardship” sufficient for compassionate action. Stewardship imply’s yet another identity to settle into…another ‘to do ‘ label.
    An identity based on relationship implies a 24/7 moment by moment demand for discernment …..’how do I relate with……….” whatever is before us in the here and now. Indigenous mindfullness at its best.

    Thank you.

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