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This article is a commentary on Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment: Laudato Si. It describes the unique nature of the encyclical, the challenge of developing a new consciousness in the face of climate change, and the potential acceptance or rejection of the encyclical both within the church and in the wider world.

8 responses to “Pope Francis’ LAUDATO SI and the New Consciousness”

  1. Terri and Jane,

    Thanks for your comments. I really do believe that Pope Francis has given us a new approach to climate change. The one additional thing we need is an awareness of a “clear and present danger.” For those of us living on the West Coast of Canada and the U.S. the combination of drought and forest fires may be the motivating force we need. Thomas Berry’s “Great Work” seems to mean that we must all become Anthropocene triage workers, We must seek resilience in our changing systems be dedicated to viable transitions–Mike

  2. Mike, as a new member to this community I treasure this intimate sharing of Thomas Berry. I can better understand him as a Shaman than as a theologian or geologian. Perhaps again because of the intimacy and grounding between human and earth.

    About your article on the encyclical, I’m about to read it. I’ve been very moved by it and have read every word – no summaries! I look for responses to it from other faith groups. This even includes a Hindu response. How wonderful. Alliances may be forming. Let’s hope so.

  3. Laura,

    Thanks for this. I too am a new member and look forward to this new community of dedicated and concerned people. There will be a lot of controversy over the encyclical but to many of us it is a breath of fresh air. Francis is indeed the pope we have been waiting for. .

  4. Dear Mike,
    I just had a chance to sit quietly and read your commentary on the encyclical. Again I felt like you were, in part, giving us another “insiders” look at the Pope and his encyclical. I really liked the way you took us directly to the Popes “problem” of addressing climate change and that this 6th extinction is human caused. The rest just rolls beautifully through eons, your own local/indigenous experience, and the call for a new consciousness. Thomas Berry’s take on earth as “better self” might just be a next “favorite quote” for the profile page.

    To everyone, I’m so impressed and moved by the quality and heartfelt power of your work. I love that Jane’s “On Being a Bee” involved young people as co-producers. More and more I feel the importance of reaching out to young people. But, this isn’t for the usual “educational/informational” process, even at it’s most creative. There seems to be a sense of urgency to let them find each other – those who can connect to the earth and to each other in new community. This is my own aha moment which I’m sure you’ve all already had on this deep time journey..

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