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My topic is how evidence can unite us all. My book, Grandmother Fish, gives children evidence for evolution when they wiggle like a fish and hoot like an ape. Kids love learning that humans belong in the great family of animals. Evidence also says that humans are all one family, as Charles Darwin concluded. Evidence can unite the human family because it allows people to share ideas across cultural boundaries. Joining me on stage is Karen Lewis, the book's illustrator. “Can you wiggle?”
  • Creators: Jonathan Tweet, Karen Lewis
  • Used by people who call the work: Epic of Evolution
  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Biology and Earth Systems Science, Education, Religion/Spirituality
  • Learning Stages: Adult Education, Higher Education, Lifelong, Middle 6 - 8, Secondary 9 - 12
  • Types: Video
  • Keywords: evolution, evidence, science
  • Why I love this Resource: message of unity for all people
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  • Date Added: May 3, 2017

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