Annual Group Bundle Rates

What you get:

  • Access to all the professional development programs on the Deep Time Journey Network for one year. The 2016 series has 11 programs (ten paid, one free). A minimum of 10 new programs will be added in 2017, one per month.
  • The option to: 1) collectively watch programs and/or 2) staff members may participate individually according to their own schedule.
  • Professional development hours that are recognized by the American Montessori Society and most public schools.
  • Opportunities to work with the DTJN staff and recommend future programming.

Here’s how it works:

Organizations are given coupon codes to distribute to staff members so that each individual can activate the courses.



No. Staff          Annual Rates
1 – 5                            $200.00
6 – 10                         $400.00
11 – 30                       $600.00
31 – 50                      $800.00
51 – 80                   $1,000.00

Get an Automatic Quote:

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Make a Group Bundle Purchase:

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Redeem Your Group Bundle Purchase:

Your members can use the coupon code here to get access to all courses for one year.   All members need to sign up first before redeeming the group bundle!                                                                             REDEEM GROUP BUNDLE    


For further information, please write to Jennifer Morgan at  [email protected].